2021 Workshop Information

Why is Marine Mammal Management important?

Whenever oil is spilled into a marine environment, marine mammals are put at risk.  In the Pacific Northwest, vulnerable groups include whales, otters, seals, and sea lions.

The below presentations focus on the various stages of a marine mammal response during an oil spill and highlight new wildlife regulations recently adopted in Washington State. Presentations are given by leading wildlife experts and local and federal agencies. An interactive question and answer session is linked at the end of the webpage.   

Thanks to the Planning Committee: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, United States Coast Guard, Shell, ConocoPhillips-Polar Tankers, Centerline Logistics, Washington Department of Ecology.  





Matt Bissell
WA Dept. of Ecology                              Matt.bissell@ecy.wa.gov