Registration for JIC/Liaison Workshop and Wildlife Communications Workshop. 

Hosted by: Clean Rivers Cooperative, Washington State Maritime Cooperative, Washington State Department of Ecology,  Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, and Focus Wildlife

Who should attend: Joint Information Center staff, Public Information Officers, Liaison staff and officers, Unified Command, and other decision-makers.

In-person and Virtual Option: We are planning an in-person option at the Clean Rivers Cooperative office (200 SW Market St., Ste 190, Portland, OR 97201) and a virtual option. Space will be limited for the in-person, so please register early.

Wildlife Communication Workshop — August 9, 2022 (in-person and virtual) 

Like it or not, wildlife is the “face” of the incident, and those faces tell a compelling story. This workshop is focused on understanding the phases of wildlife response; critical decisions in 96 hours and the role of communications during the response.  You will learn:

  • Triggers for activating wildlife response
  • Basic operational components for each phase including deterrence through release/ongoing monitoring
  • Coordination between regulatory agencies; the expectation for daily wildlife reports to those agencies; requirement for end of year report listing all wildlife admitted
  • Regulatory role in decision-making and communication
  • Wildlife communication — Setting expectations and building public trust
  • Mitigating public safety issues and harm to wildlife

Joint Information Center and Liaison Communication Workshop — August 10, 2022 (in-person and virtual)

How well you communicate about a response will make or break the response in the public opinion arena. This workshop will be a collaborative learning experience focused on the importance of messaging and overall emergency response communication tactics. The sessions will expand on strategies in the Northwest Area Contingency Plan JIC manual and expectations outlined in the 96-hour checklist. The workshops will review guidelines already in place as well as draft, drill, and discuss strategic messaging. Together, participants will share their experiences in crisis communication, provide their perspectives for refining the plan and checklist, and fine-tune their own skills. You will learn:

  • What you say and when to say it
  • How to use the 96-hour checklist
  • How to develop your social media strategy
  • As decisions makers, what you should be expecting from your JIC and Liaison Officers


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